Steps to Take Before a Value Meeting

When you’re ready to have a value meeting with your boss, you can follow certain steps to ensure that you have a productive conversation. Most organizations across the globe are not having this type of discussion, so it really helps to have a plan in place and all your ducks in a row.

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Here’s How to Raise Your Value in Your Organization

With so many options and possibilities already existing in your organization, you can start to raise your value immediately. Before you jump out of your chair and begin the shift from good performer to valuable employee, however, you need to do the following two things:

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Raise Your Visibility & Value: Steps to Take After the Value Conversation with Your Boss

1. Send a recap of your conversation (i.e., what you heard, next steps) to your boss.
2. If appropriate, schedule a follow-up meeting to continue the conversation and to ensure that you keep making progress.
3. Focus on the next steps that move you closer to connecting your contributions with the business’s performance.


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Raise Your Visibility & Value: Talking Points to Make During the Value Conversation with Your Boss

1. Consider saying something like the following to get the conversation going:

  • “Thank you for finding time to speak with me about the value I create for our organization.”
  • “I appreciate the information that was shared in my last performance appraisal and I am continuing to focus on the areas of opportunity that we have  identified.”
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Raise Your Visibility & Value: Steps to Take Before the Value Conversation with Your Boss

1. Identify the business performance drivers that are important to your organization. Brainstorm with a colleague, speak with a senior leader, or talk with  someone in finance, sales, business development, or operations.

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Raise Your Visibility & Value: Having a Value Conversation with Your Boss – How Might She Respond?

There is no greater activity to begin the process of raising the value you create for your organization than a conversation with your boss about value creation. By approaching your boss and requesting a conversation regarding value creation, you are already raising your value in your organization. Yet, at the same time, this is not a conversation being held in organizations across the globe. Hence, when responding to your request, your boss may be:

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Raise Your Visibility & Value: How Do I Conduct a Value Identification Exercise?

Take a moment to think about a key activity/project in which you are currently engaged. An activity tends to be smaller and completed on a recurring basis, while a project tends to be larger and done only once. An effective strategy in completing your value identification exercise is to find a colleague who can help you think through this important information. Think about the following:

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