Here’s How to Raise Your Value in Your Organization

With so many options and possibilities already existing in your organization, you can start to raise your value immediately. Before you jump out of your chair and begin the shift from good performer to valuable employee, however, you need to do the following two things:

  • Host a conversation with your boss on how to create value for your organization. Recall that no relationship is more important in your frenetic working environment than the relationship you have with your boss. How you create value for your organization has to be supported by your boss. Providing value in ways that are not wanted or “authorized” will get you nowhere fast. Your boss can be a great partner in helping you become a valuable employee.
  • Conduct a value identification exercise. You may find that some of your activities are currently creating value for your organization. You may also find that some are close to creating value, while others are just doing busy-work and not providing any value at all. In your fast-paced work environment, you are being asked to do more with less, and do more faster. Although you may have been busy, you may find that your activities have not created value for your organization. By conducting a value identification exercise now, you can confirm if your activities create value for your organization or not – before anyone else does!

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay


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