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Talking Points to Make During a Value Meeting

Now that you have your value meeting scheduled with your boss, what are you going to say? Here are some suggested talking points to help keep you on track and to make sure you cover the most important areas.

1. Consider saying something like the following to get the conversation going:

  • “Thank you for finding time to speak with me about the value I create for our organization.”
  • “I appreciate the information that was shared in my last performance appraisal and I am continuing to focus on the areas of opportunity that we have  identified.”
  • “In addition to improving my performance over time, I am also interested in creating value for our organization.”
  • “By focusing on value as well as good performance, I think I can grow as a contributor and have a greater impact on our company’s success.”
  • “By value, I specifically mean activities that connect my performance to the business performance of our organization.”
  • “I recognize this is a new conversation for us and I am excited that we can explore this topic together.”
  • “I’d like to share some thoughts to start our conversation (value identification exercise), and I hope we can build from there.”
  • “What are your thoughts?”

2. Acknowledge that this conversation may require multiple meetings in order to make meaningful progress.

3. Close the meeting by ensuring that the next steps are clear to you and your boss.

4. Thank your boss for her time and insights.

Image by ijmaki from Pixabay


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