Making Progress in Value Conversations

Approaching your boss and requesting a conversation about the value you create is not an every day occurrence. Since “value conversations” are not being held widely in organizations, I suggest you try to be the following in order to make progress on this vital topic:

  • Courageous – Depending on the stories you’ve been telling yourself on the degree of value you have been providing, the value creation conversation may take some courage. As you put yourself “out there,” you might fear your boss’s response. The answer to “What value do I create for our organization?” may be “None!” As value creation is a feel-good topic, the likelihood of this is minimal. The talking points shown below ensure that your goals are clear and the outcome of the conversation is beneficial to you. This may not be an easy conversation to have, so be courageous.
  • Persistent – You may find that your boss is not sure how to participate in this type of conversation. He may be dismissive. More likely, in your jam-packed, fast-paced, ever-changing business environments, there may never seem to be a good time. This is a conversation worth having, so be persistent.
  • Patient – You may find that your value creation conversation with your boss might take multiple meetings over a period of time. This is a new conversation, so be patient.

Remember, value conversations aren’t typically being held today in organizations. However, talking with your boss is a great way to identify what value you each perceive that you’re creating in the organization.

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay


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