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Hosting a Value Conversation with Your Boss

As stated previously, there is no greater activity to begin the process of raising the value you create for your organization than a conversation with your boss. By approaching your boss and requesting a conversation regarding value creation, you are already raising your value in your organization. Yet, at the same time, this is not a conversation being held in organizations across the globe.

So, when responding to your request, your boss may be:

  • Confused. Since value creation conversations are not yet common in organizations, your request may confuse your boss or not understand your motives.
  • Surprised. Seeing this new side of you may surprise your boss! Talking about value is a feel-good exercise and the conversation can generate a lot of positive energy and excitement. Capitalize on your boss’s feeling of excitement and encourage her to join you in this important conversation.
  • Dismissive. Some bosses may not know what to do with this new topic. In ever-changing workplaces, it is easy to dismiss new topics or delay them until a later point in time. Don’t let your boss dismiss this topic too quickly; and, if she does, take the opportunity to bring it up again at a later date.

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