Over-Investing in Networking

The ways in which you can participate one-to-many are endless

In the Raise Your Visibility & Value model, it is assumed that there are an infinite number of ways to participate with a purpose. Of them, networking is just one. Recall that networking is the number one activity on which individuals looking for a job and individuals focused on business development should focus.

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Combating Limiting Beliefs

Recognize When a Limiting Belief is Occurring

Nail-biting is widely known as a behavior in which many participate unconsciously. This is especially challenging if you are attempting to stop biting your nails. While you aspire to stop this habit, you often find yourself biting your nails without consciously choosing to do so. Perhaps you’re watching a movie or reading a book when you suddenly catch yourself biting your nails. Suddenly, you whip your hand away from your mouth while silently cursing yourself. The first step is not to stop biting your nails – the first step is to recognize when it’s about to happen. This way, you can consciously choose what to do next.

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Your Ego and Inner Critic: The Difference

The stories that your ego and inner critic tell you about yourself may help you temporarily navigate a challenging situation or maintain your self-esteem, and this is a good thing. However, the stories you tell yourself can also lead you to incorrect conclusions and have a negative domino effect on subsequent decisions.

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Participate with a Purpose

Carl wants to participate – honestly he does

“Oh, no,” Carl says to himself as an email from his boss slowly unfolds before his eyes. “Not another team building offsite!” Like a hungry ant craving a watermelon for lunch, Carl wonders how to digest this news. Blink. Blink. Blink. He stares at the light on his office phone, silently reminding himself that he has messages waiting. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

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Interacting vs. Participating

Coming next, we’ll take a look at participating purposefully. You may be wondering what the difference is between interacting and participating. In the Raise Your Visibility & Value model, interacting is defined as “one-to-one” interactions with colleagues, while participating is defined as “one-to-many” experiences with colleagues.

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Enhancing Your Degree of Responsiveness – The Volume Fallacy

Not all who are unresponsive can blame the overwhelming amount of incoming emails and phone calls as the cause of their behavior. Many of us tend to assume that other people’s low responsiveness is due to workload when, in reality, they may not possess a natural predilection to getting back to others in a timely fashion, if at all. Consider these various places you could find yourself when you attempt to balance a desire to be responsive with your actual responsiveness:

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Intangible Accessibility – How Welcoming Are You to Your Colleagues?

Visibility is also comprised of “reputation” which is the intangible ways that individuals connect with you. Do you create a welcoming atmosphere that reflects your desire to be accessible? When your colleagues come to see you, is your behavior creating or hindering access? Here are some ways to create a welcoming atmosphere that inspires access:

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Visibility Accelerator #2 – Be Accessible

To stay ahead of an unending volume of work, sometimes people hide in their offices. They may spend the day dodging colleagues, letting the phone go unanswered, and surfing their inbox to select which emails are the most urgent. Their colleagues likely feel frustrated that they cannot get their attention; and on those rare occasions when they do, they feel rushed. If those people are inaccessible to colleagues who need their help and attention, they may slowly lose contact with individuals who are important to their careers.

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