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The Relationship Between Performance and Reputation

While it is inevitable that the dreaded performance appraisal will cease to exist in its current format, some form of performance measurement will continue to exist. One reason is that roles where value creation falls into a category called “individual value” will need a performance management system to measure how foundational activities impact the organization.

Good performance

Good performance is focused on the mechanics of how you do your job in contrast to value creation. And the good news is that you do not have to look far to understand what these mechanics are. The same influencers that characterize a good reputation – attitude, behavior, and production – are also the same influencers of good performance.

A good reputation

Reputation and performance hold a very special relationship in your workplace. Good performance builds the perception your colleagues have of you, creating the foundation of your good reputation. As you demonstrate a positive attitude, helpful behavior, and high production, word spreads about you. The ways your colleagues talk about you when you are not in the room is positive and constructive. Concurrently, your good reputation creates expectations for your good performance. If you have a good reputation, colleagues will think highly of you. The likelihood of your inclusion on important projects and on teams grows as your colleagues become confident that you will be a strong contributor.

Two sides of the same coin

Good performance and a good reputation are built on your attitude, behavior, and production – and each one bolsters the other.

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