The Truth About Value Creation

Deep within the heart of your organization’s cubicle farm, you and your heads-down colleagues are working hard to stay employed. Our metric-based culture has created generations of individuals who believe that good performance alone ensures job security. They still haven’t figured out the dirty little secret behind value creation.

They believe that the attainment of a 4.2 on their performance appraisal is the best strategy to receive a promotion or avoid a layoff. At the same time, the importance of value creation in the organization continues to grow. Because no one or no behavior can guarantee you a job for life, you might be making one or all of the following mistakes as you navigate your organization:

  1. You are not creating value for your organization.
  2. If you are creating value, you and your boss are unable to describe it.
  3. You believe that good performance equals value.

The Valuable Employee

The unemployment landscape is filled with high-performing individuals who thought that getting an “exceeds expectations” on their last performance appraisal would make all the difference. However, today, a valuable employee is a good performer who creates value. She can tell stories about her good performance and the value she creates for her employer. Her boss and her organization know the value she creates.

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