Be the Catalyst of Your Own Career!

Be the Catalyst of Your Own Career!

By all accounts, the world of work you are experiencing is significantly different than your parents’ world of work. The old ways of networking and measuring performance are ineffective in the face of unprecedented change and transparency.

Now is the time to be the catalyst of your own career and to differentiate yourself in your organization and industry. It’s time to move beyond networking and start raising your visibility. Break your dependency on performance management systems and start raising your value.

The first step begins with you. This may be a short hop for some of you; for others, it may be a longer journey. Regardless of the length of your stride, keep in mind two important areas of context to increase the likelihood of your success – pace and practice. Not all progress occurs overnight – that’s why we call it progress.

Pace yourself as you work. Your progress doesn’t have to be perfect or unfold in ways exactly as you planned, yet it is still progress. At the same time, practice purposefully so you can enjoy your progress. You can use this insight to motivate you to raise your visibility and value in your organization and industry. If you aren’t practicing raising your visibility and value, somewhere, somebody else is; and when you come head-to-head with her when being considered for a job, a promotion or a raise, she will prevail.


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