Becoming an Association Board Member

Do you have the time or the desire to make more of a commitment to membership in an association? If so, then the Board of Directors is the place for you. Being a board member in an association requires the highest degree of commitment, and represents the highest degree of complexity. Board roles typically include President, President-Elect, and Vice-President. Being on a board can be very rewarding, as it provides you the greatest opportunity to impact member experience.

Most associations also have a number of committees that allow you to help the association, such as finance, marketing, etc. As a volunteer on a committee, you can bring your professional expertise to the association. Many individuals join a committee before moving on to more complex roles, such as serving on the Board.

If you’d like to gather more information before making either commitment, speak with a fellow member who served on a board or committee. Ask him about his experience. Then, take some time to think about roles or committees which interest you the most and contact the association about getting involved.

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay


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