Presenting at an Association Meeting

You’ve decided you need to get more involved in associations in your industry, but you don’t have tons of time to commit. There are many different ways to get involved without being committed on a regular basis. Presenting at an association meeting or participating on a panel may be a good way to go. Your local groups always need speakers, and they love speakers from within the industry.

Where to begin

A good way to get more information is to speak with a colleague who has actually made a presentation in a similar situation. Ask about it so that you can gain more information. Then, once you start thinking about possible speaking topics, chat with a colleague to gauge her reaction to your potential subject.

Presenting Jitters

Are you a little jittery about presenting? Speaking in front of a group is a very common fear and there are many tools to help you overcome that. You can also try participating on a panel discussion to help you eliminate “stage fright.” A panel is a great way to talk a limited amount, share the limelight, and practice speaking in front of others.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay


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