You Don’t Think Belonging to an Association is a Good Idea?

So after all the discussion about belonging to an association and the benefits involved, are you still not convinced that it’s a good idea? Before you click away and go back to your busy work or home life, try a few of these suggestions to make absolutely sure joining an association isn’t right for you.

Try reaching out to one of your colleagues in your functional area or industry, and ask for their experiences and thoughts on the benefits of membership.

If that doesn’t help, identify a local association that you might consider joining, and contact it to see if you could come to a meeting as a prospective member. That way you can get a taste without having fully committed.

When all else fails, ask a trusted colleague to challenge your perspective regarding belonging to an industry association to see if you arrive at a different conclusion. Your current perspective may not be accurate, or may no longer be relevant.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay


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