Joining an Association

Joining an Association

As you’ve seen, there are so many reasons to get involved with an organization in your industry. Once you convince your boss of the importance, and get her buy in, the benefits are many for both you and the company. Often times your boss will even see the benefit, so much so that she is willing to pay the membership fee, if there is one. Once a member, you need to decide what role you’d like to play – some requiring more of a commitment than others.

So now that you’ve made the decision to get involved, what association would you like to join? The types of industry associations that exist are nearly endless. In an effort to create camaraderie among industry professionals, share best practices, provide education, and create opportunity, every industry is represented by numerous associations. Here is a link to a list of industry trade groups in the United States.

If you don’t find something at that link, simply search on your role, profession, or category followed by the word “association.” You are bound to find either a local, national, or international association that will provide you an opportunity to engage with individuals who share your interests.

Image by Peter Lomas from Pixabay


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