Getting Your Company to Pay for Your Association Membership

Industry association memberships are work-related

An important mindset for you, your boss, and your organization is that your association membership is work-related. This is not an extracurricular activity. The benefits to you and your organization are compelling and numerous (see previous posts).

Making sure there’s money in the budget

Once you convince your boss that your association membership and attendance is work-related, you want to have your organization pay for your membership or registration fees. Ideally, your boss has budgeted money for industry memberships and meeting registrations. If not, help your boss become proactive by allocating dollars during the budget planning cycle for professional development and industry memberships. The fastest way to stop a conversation regarding your organization paying your fees is that there is no money budgeted.

How do you approach your boss? You could write a memo or use the key points from this example as talking points for a conversation.

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