Participating with a Purpose vs Interacting

Participating with a Purpose

“Interacting with others” is comprised of ways in which you can raise your visibility “one-to-one” with others. Unlike interaction, “participating with a purpose” is focused on “one-to-many” experiences with colleagues. Participating is comprised of activities where you raise your visibility when many of your colleagues are present.

Lack of Participation

Do you find the time to participate in activities where many of your colleagues are present? Are you known for never being around? Are you known for never being able to attend an activity sponsored by your organization or an industry affiliation group, for one reason or another? Do any of the following characteristics seem familiar to you when you think about participating with a purpose? You:

  • “No-show” for training classes, cancelling at the last minute because “something important” has come up.
  • Claim that you can’t go to all-employee meetings because it is your busiest time of the ________ (week, month, quarter, year, decade, millennium).
  • Always seem to have “important” meetings or conference calls scheduled during a company activity.
  • Never attend an after-hours work activity, as you always have to get home.

What is preventing you from participating in activities sponsored by your organization or industry affiliation group? Is your lack of participation a reflection of your mindset? Is it a mindset of just being too busy?


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