More Tips for Improving Your Relationship with Your Boss

If there are any situations interfering with your relationship with your boss, you need to take clear action to mitigate them. Here are three more general ideas that will help you get along better with your boss.

Ensure you know your boss’s goals and career aspirations

Everyone wants to believe that other people care about them, and you want your boss to think that about you. The best way to demonstrate that you care is to ask about your boss’s goals and career aspirations. Tell your boss you’re curious about what makes her tick, and listen to what she says. Knowing your boss’s goals and aspirations puts you in a better place to help.

Ask your boss the million-dollar question on a regular basis

Ask your boss the million-dollar question: “What are one or two things I could do differently to be more effective?” (I like the word “differently,” as it’s less controversial than “better” or “worse.”) Ask the question regularly—maybe two to four times a year—and listen closely to the answer. The feedback you hear will be meaningful. This question may be the best method to guarantee that you are behaving in ways that meet your boss’s expectations.

Always watch your boss’s back

Always update your boss on things they should know about. You don’t want your boss to get caught unaware or underinformed. Bosses hate surprises! If you hear something you think your boss should know, find a few minutes to communicate it in person, or call or text with an update. Whatever your relationship is with your boss right now, it can always be better. On your own, or with a colleague who knows you and your boss, identify a few actions you can take to improve your relationship.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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