“Presence” in the Visibility & Value Model

Presence is the tangible ways in which you connect with others. This is the place where activities and behaviors that help you be seen in your organization and industry exist. When you work to build your presence, you are seeking physical ways to connect with others as well as contribute to your organization and industry. You cannot be visible if you are not seen by others!

The Office Hermit

In your busy work environment, it is easy to become an office “hermit.” Thousands of office hermits are spotted in corporations around the globe on a daily basis. These creatures quietly enter their offices as dawn breaks to ensure they do not have to interact with others. While hermits’ doors are closed for most of the workday, passersby hear the occasional sound of clicking on a keyboard.

As the sun reaches its peak, office hermits quickly dart from the confines of their offices to seek out food in a variety of places. They have to be quick, as office hermits must return to their place of safety and solitude before they have to interact with others.

As the day plods on, key clicking and voice muffling continues. Then, just as at dawn, office hermits will quickly exit the building at dusk and depart for the day. As dawn arises the following day, the cycle continues.

Presence and “Being Seen”

Individuals successful in building their presence seize opportunities to be seen at work by “picking up their heads,” getting out of their offices, and building relationships across functional areas. They identify opportunities to be seen in different ways (i.e., subject matter expert, team member, cross-functional contributor). They interact, participate, and engage with others.


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