Interaction Skills – Nature vs. Nurture

The degree to which you interact with others is similar to the nature versus nurture philosophy that we hear or read about regarding human development. In scholarly articles published on this topic, nature typically refers to characteristics you have inherited. These characteristics may include hair color, vulnerability to disease, and personality preferences. Nurture typically refers to characteristics you have developed through interaction with your environment. These characteristics may include language, social perspectives, and opinions.

In a similar way, the degree to which you interact with colleagues may be driven by your natural interest to interact with others (nature) or the culture of your organization (nurture). Each of these situations alone can significantly increase or reduce the degree to which you interact with your colleagues. Imagine the impact to your visibility when you do not possess a natural interest in interacting with colleagues and your organization’s culture does not support it – neither nature nor nurture are working in your favor. When you possess a strong interest in interacting with others and the culture of your organization supports such interaction, it’s magic!



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