How to Be More Comfortable Introducing Yourself to Others

One other characteristic of effective Introducers is that they are either naturally comfortable introducing themselves to others or they have mastered the ability to diminish any short-term discomfort that arises as they introduce themselves to others.

While I believe you can build your ability to be consistent, attentive, skilled, and invested when introducing yourself, I think it would be presumptuous to tell you to be comfortable when introducing yourself. Whether you are an Avoider, Fumbler or just plain unconsciously competent, some of you will not be comfortable introducing yourself, no matter how many books you read.

I believe that you can “move the dial” on your comfort level through practice and by following the suggestions shared in my book. I believe that when you practice, you can introduce yourself with increased energy, clarity, and confidence. I believe that as your confidence builds, your comfort level in introducing yourself to others as a way to raise your visibility in your organization will grow and even flourish.


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