Raise Your Visibility & Value: Good Performer or Valuable Employee?

Other people are similar to you. They are working hard to stay afloat and stay ahead. Their workplace is fast-paced and ever-changing, just like yours.

All of you have grown up in a culture focused on numerical ratings, bell curves, and annual performance assessments. You rush from meeting to meeting and conference call to conference call so blindly that months pass by before you open your eyes to see where all your rushing has taken you. You have little time to think about yourself. You defend “where you are” professionally by deluding yourself that being a good performer is enough. Yet, today’s competitive and fast-paced workplaces are demanding more from business professionals. Your organization does not have the time or money to train you to be a good performer. As a stand-alone differentiator, good performance is no longer enough – it is expected!

You want to be more than a good performer – you need to be a valuable employee. You can’t wait for others to come to your aid. The first step toward raising the value you create for your organization rests with you. You need to be the hero of your own story.


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