Change Your Whiteboards Often

Raise Your Visibility & Value: Change Your Whiteboards Often

I typically visit with clients every other week at their offices, and one of the details I observe is the status of my client’s office whiteboards.

A whiteboard that does not change from meeting to meeting reflects your state of mind – inflexible, boring, and inactive.

A whiteboard that changes from meeting to meeting is critical. It’s a visual representation of your mind, and the whiteboard should be changed day after day. If you don’t change your whiteboard, and consistent information continues to be reflected on it, your colleagues will assume your mind isn’t changing either. Who wants that? Even if you don’t have a great thought or idea, at least clean off your whiteboard so it appears that your thoughts have changed.

Keep this in mind – hanging your whiteboard frequently reflects the status of your mind – flexible, creative, and active.


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