Raise Your Visibility & Value: Ed Evarts On the Schmooze with Robbie Samuels

On the Schmooze is a podcast that features interviews with talented professionals from different fields. Listen for insights that will help you achieve the leadership position you’re seeking, build and sustain your professional network, and find the work/life balance that works best for you.

In this episode, Ed and Robbie discuss:

  • His thoughts on leadership: “A great leader is someone who, whether you like them or not, or agree with them or not, is someone you can trust and believe is accurate.”
  • How he uses the Boston marathon as an analogy for great leadership.
  • How his work as a leadership coach led him to train peer leaders to be successful.
  • How being laid off catapulted him to his successful coaching business.
  • His ways of engaging with the people in his network.
  • His belief around being available for people as much as possible.

Listen Here


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