What it the Impact of Stories on Participating with a Purpose? (part 2/3)

The stories that you tell yourself come from two places – your ego and your inner critic. In this blog, we will chat about your ego.

Your ego exists primarily in the external world and acts like a shield to protect your need for status, self-worth, and contribution. If something happens in the external world that attacks these needs, you create an explanation for the attack, typically due to something other than yourself. The rallying cry of your ego is “It’s not me, it’s them!” Here are some workplace examples of ego-based stories that may seem familiar:

You hear that a colleague, Pat, for whom you have little respect, gets promoted to a new role.

Your story – “I can’t believe they promoted Pat. Everyone knows he only got the job because he is such a brown-noser. ”
An all-employee meeting has been scheduled.

Your story – “I don’t have time for this. They are not going to talk about anything important anyway.”
You do not submit an article for your organization’s e-newsletter.

Your story – “What’s the point? No one reads this stuff.”