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Why You Must Have a Positive Relationship with Your Boss

When you have a positive relationship with your boss, many wonderful and career-enhancing things—opportunities, praise, promotions, pay increases—are possible. Your life as an employee is easier, you have more impact, and you’re in a stronger position to drive your career forward. When I think of the benefits of having a positive relationship with your boss, I come up with an acronym that spells the word “help.”

H is for harness

A boss with whom you have a positive relationship will help you harness your skills and apply them effectively in your organization. If your workplace is like most, you’re probably working on dozens of things at once and your energy and focus are diffused. A positive relationship with your boss can help you concentrate your energy on the activities that help your organization and your career the most.

E is for evolve

As the saying goes, “Things that don’t grow, die.” This is especially true in our fast-changing world. Your boss can help ensure that your ideas grow and evolve in ways that benefit your organization and ultimately advance your career.

L is for learn

To move forward in your career, you need to be different tomorrow from how you are today. In many organizations, professional development falls more on the shoulders of individual employees than on the training department. A boss with whom you have a positive relationship can help you learn how to do your job better and be more impactful.

P is for proactive

Few behaviors are more important than being proactive. Organizations will love you if you prepare them for an ever-changing marketplace by always thinking about what’s around the corner. A boss with whom you have a positive relationship will remind you to look around the corner. Wonderful bosses will challenge you and discuss what you are thinking.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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