Ed’s Interview with Kathy Caprino on the Finding Brave Podcast

We all need to find ways to be braver at work, and the valuable insights that Ed shares in this episode will positively impact your leadership and managerial development, as well as improve your overall work environment.

Highlights from this Episode:

  • The areas where Ed believes that leaders are falling short most often right now [3:13]
  • His thoughts on empathy and its role in the communication process between a leader and his or her team members [4:46]
  • The ways that Ed helps his clients develop more empathy towards others, and why he says that the first step to take will be the hardest [7:12]
  • Why leaders are micromanaging, and how they can stop doing this today [16:42]
  • Some common flaws that exists in the systems of most organizations, which can contribute to micromanagement [19:42]
  • The reasons that leaders should be involving their teams in the decision making process more often [25:07]
  • What psychological bravery is, and where it really comes from [27:48]
  • Tips and strategies for repairing a damaged relationship between leader and team member [31:41]
  • How we can all start being braver as leaders of teams in today’s workplace [37:23]