Creating Individual Value

Creating Individual Value

When you perform your job well, you are valuable to your organization. When you are focused primarily on creating individual value, you tend to be in a role that is more tactically-focused. And let’s face it, some roles in organizations need to be tactically focused. This focus is very valuable to the organization. Not every role has a clear line of sight to financial performance, nor should they.

At the same time, most organizations have yet to explore how individuals, even within these tactical roles, can impact financial performance. Not all value that’s created has to be worth millions of dollars, or qualify for the cover of Time. Even individuals in a tactical role or a group of individuals comprising a function can create value for the organization.

Recognition of performance-based individual value generally occurs through a performance appraisal process. That’s one of the reasons that performance management systems will continue to exist. These appraisals are highlighted by behaviors such as “adaptable,” “flexible,” and “timely.” These behaviors are also very similar to the words used to describe a good reputation and good performance.

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