What Is Meant By “Raising Your Value”?

In the Raise Your Visibility & Value model, raising your value is defined as:

You raise your value with activities that connect individual contributions with business performance.

Similar to most of your colleagues, you probably spend little time raising your value. For instance, you are more likely trapped at your desk working hard to be a good performer and deliver what is expected of you, as defined by your boss or your job description. Your boss’s environment does not allow her to focus on value creation, and most job descriptions do not identify ways that your role can create value for your organization.

Take a moment to look at your job description. Does it explicitly identify ways that your individual contributions connect with business performance? Are the ways that your organization creates value for its employees, customers, investors, and stockholders identified? Above all. if your job description is similar to most other job descriptions, there is no mention of value. Therefore. the ways to create value are not clear, the metrics to measure value are not stated, and the semantics are not value-focused.


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