Articulate Your Reputation

Articulate Your Reputation

Your reputation is built on a never-ending series of choices that you make every day. And in today’s transparent and frenetic organizations, your choices are seen by more of your colleagues, and faster than ever before.

Today’s ever-changing organizations demand that you be in charge of your reputation. Every Facebook post you choose to generate and decision you choose to make will potentially be seen or heard by thousands of colleagues. Your choices are your reputation.

The first step to identifying the reputation you want to have begins with your ability to articulate it. Do you want people to describe you in a positive way when you’re not around? Then you need to be the first one to make sure that happens.

When was the last time you took a few moments to think about the reputation you want to have? How do you know if the choices you’re making support that? If you are like the majority of busy business professionals, you have never spent time seriously thinking about the reputation you want to have. You have never spent time considering the importance of influencing the thoughts and words of your colleagues when they speak about you when you’re not present.


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