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Engaging with Industry Associations: Obstacles & Excuses

Your desire to attend meetings and events with industry associations probably feels like a dream. The ability to attend during your workday, after your workday ends, or on the weekend is likely compromised in the following ways:

Lack of Energy

You are so exhausted by the demands of your job that getting excited and energized for an industry activity, especially after your workday ends, is beyond your capacity. By the time the clock strikes 6:00 pm, you are physically tired and mentally tapped-out.

Lack of Time

You have too much to do! So many of your colleagues are depending on you to do your job that the idea of taking time away from work seems impossible. How can you find time when your calendar is double- or triple-booked? Your fear of the volume of work waiting for you when you return from being away from the office is a major disincentive.

Lack of Information

You’re so deep into the activities, tasks, and requirements of your job that you’re not even aware of industry activities that are going on around you. You’re more focused on joining a conference call than you are on attending an industry conference. Even if you wanted to attend an industry event, you wouldn’t know where to find one.

Lack of Support

If you register for an industry meeting or event, your attendance is at risk due to last minute “issues” at your organization. An urgent phone call from your boss politely asking you to alter your plans is more likely than you attending the industry event. If you do attend an industry event, you’re distracted due to an onslaught of emails and phone calls from work.

You’re not alone. In today’s fast-paced and fast-changing organizations, it’s hard to find the time, energy, and support to attend industry events. However, in addition to raising your visibility within your organization, it’s more important than ever to raise your visibility outside your organization as well.

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