When It Comes to Introducing Yourself, Are You an Avoider?

When it comes to introducing yourself to colleagues you don’t know, do you avoid introducing yourself at all costs? Perhaps you are highly uncomfortable or severely under-skilled. Much like getting a flu shot, you want your introduction to be quick and painless. In fact, you wouldn’t introduce yourself to others at all if you could avoid doing so. Do any of the following “Avoider” characteristics seem familiar to you when you think about introducing yourself to others?

  • You sit down at a company meeting and immediately take out your smart phone to scroll email.
  • You sit down next to a table full of colleagues at a training class and immediately look at the training material.
  • You sit down at a table at a networking event and quietly “disappear” into another world, staring at anything or anyone as long as it is not someone at your table.
  • You join a senior leadership meeting and you sit next to a known colleague who saved you a seat.
  • You sit with a new group at a team-building session and never introduce yourself.


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