Raise Your Visibility & Value: Is Networking Ineffective for Employed Business Professionals?

While networking is the most effective strategy for individuals looking to land a new job and for self-employed business owners to generate revenue, networking is significantly less effective for employed business professionals who are seeking ways to grow within their current organization.

Many employed people are not networking within their organization, nor do they intend to. Although they need to do something in order to raise their visibility and value, they, as employed business professionals, do not need to resort to networking activities that work so well for their colleagues who are looking for a job or working to generate revenue. If you think networking is the best way to get promoted, expand your influence, and become more valuable to your organization, you will be very disappointed.

For employed individuals, the real perpetrator that is stifling value creation in their organization is not their job description – it is the performance appraisal.


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