Visibility Accelerator #3 - Be Responsive

Visibility Accelerator #3 – Be Responsive

Today, colleagues and information can reach you at any time of the day, in an endless number of ways, in milliseconds. It is estimated that over 6 billion mobile phone calls are made per day in the United States. Smartphones have created a world of socially acceptable stalking. You can be found at anytime and anywhere.

This ability to connect to you frequently and instantly highlights an interesting human behavior. The speed in which a colleague reaches you creates an identical expectation as to how long it will take you to respond. Similar to a fast-paced ping pong game, your colleagues expect a response as quickly as they got the ball to your side of the table.

“Responsiveness is the degree to which you get back to colleagues and foster progress.”

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Visibility Accelerator #1 - Introduce Yourself

Visibility Accelerator #1 – Introduce Yourself

You may be surprised to find that introduce yourself is the first Raise Your Visibility & Value visibility accelerator. After all, introducing yourself to others seems so simple. What is difficult about saying “hello” and shaking the hand of a new colleague?

Carl is also surprised because, like you, he has been meeting people his entire life. As an adolescent, he found himself at parties introducing himself to new friends. As a young law student, he attended classes where he introduced himself to fellow classmates. Today, as an in-house attorney for a growing software company, Carl “meets and greets” people all of the time – colleagues, clients, and other professionals in the legal profession.

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How To You Raise Your Visibility in Your Organization and Industry

How Do You Raise Your Visibility in Your Organization and Industry?

As you work to raise your visibility in your organization and industry, certain activities and behaviors are more productive and will accelerate your efforts. These “accelerators” are like putting rocket fuel in a Honda Civic. When you “step on the gas,” you will enhance your presence and reputation faster than ever before. And these activities and behaviors can be easily integrated into your already busy workday.

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Value Creation Is Financially Based

Raise Your Visibility & Value: Value Creation Is Financially Based

Raising your value is defined as performing activities that connect individual contributions with business performance. To be considered a valuable employee, you must tie as many of your activities as possible to how your organization measures how well it’s performing. For most organizations, business performance is predominantly measured through financial performance. As you work to create value for your organization, you must focus your activities on your company’s financial performance.

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Obtaining Value Internally

Raise Your Visibility & Value: Obtaining Value Internally

Internally, your organization needs to be managed in ways that ensure investors and customers stay interested. In order for your organization to survive for the long-term, it needs to obtain value from vendors and employees.

There are numerous variables your organization manages internally to keep external stakeholders interested through value creation. One of the most significant ways to create value internally is by managing expenses with vendors and employees.

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Creating Value Externally

Raise Your Visibility & Value: Creating Value Externally

All organizations operating in complex environments are impacted by external and internal forces. Externally, your organization needs to raise capital in order to invest in its growth and generate revenue to cover its operating expenses with vendors and employees. In order for your organization to obtain capital or generate revenue, it needs to create value for investors and customers.

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Colleagues Who Haven’t Met

Raise Your Visibility & Value: Colleagues Who Haven’t Met

As part of my recurring marketing effort, I love to network with prospects, friends, and colleagues. A great colleague of mine, Mimi McGrath, contacted me last week to grab a cup of coffee and catch-up.

Among a number of items, Mimi wanted to share some observations that she had personally experienced related to content she had read in my new book, Raise Your Visibility & Value: Unlock the Lost Art of Connecting on the Job.

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Raise Your Visibility & Value

Raise Your Visibility & Value: Visibility Accelerator #7 – Manage Your Reputation

Raise Your Visibility & Value highlights seven visibility accelerators. Our seventh visibility accelerator is “Manage Your Reputation.” Learn the importance of ensuring that, when your colleagues speak about you when you are not present, it reflects the way you want to be spoken about.


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