Strategic Thinking & Planning

Thinking and planning are two different behaviors.

Thinking strategically and planning strategically are two different behaviors.

At some point in your organization’s evolution, strategic thinking and planning will play a role. It might be early in your organization’s history when how to enter the marketplace and raise your visibility and value is paramount. Or, it may be later in your organization’s history, when market and competitor realities are clearer and more impactful. Regardless of when you begin to strategically think and plan, you will need help in doing it effectively.Excellius Leadership Development works with its clients to help them think and plan more strategically. Take note that thinking strategically and planning strategically are two different behaviors. When you think strategically, every piece of information you see or hear may impact your organization. By thinking strategically, you are ensuring that very little information gets by. When you plan strategically, you are taking the information you have seen or heard and convert it into actionable next steps that allow you plan your future appropriately.There are a number of behaviors and tools that Excellius Leadership Development utilizes to help their clients think and plan more strategically.

The behaviors utilized by Excellius Leadership Development include:

  • Asking great and thoughtful questions
  • Listening
  • Observing the client’s organizational behavior
  • Observing the client’s industry
  • Being candid and impactful

The tools utilized by Excellius Leadership Development include:

  • Offsite meetings with organizational leaders (once or multiple)
  • The TWOS analysis, which is a switch on the SWOT analysis. In the TWOS analysis, we focus on threats, weaknesses, opportunities, and strengths – ending this analysis in an upbeat and positive way.
  • Line of Sight© online strategic planning documentation tool
  • Client and employee focus group meetings
  • Strategic plan mapping for follow-up and status tracking (i.e., the stoplight system)

What Clients are Saying…

“…challenges me to achieve my goals…”

“I began working with Ed over three years ago and we continue to meet monthly. Ed has helped me work on strategic business situations and coach me with leadership skills and exercises. Also, Ed provided coaching sessions to our sales, account management and senior management employees of our organiz...


President and CEO, Cabot Risk Strategies
May 5, 2019

“…passion for excellence…”

“Ed’s passion for excellence coupled with his ability to develop others provides the right combination for success. Ed has worked with teams as well as individuals to drive higher levels of sustainable performance.”


Former President, North America, Iron Mountain Incorporated
Apr 25, 2019

“… significant improvements in how we run our business…”

“Ed Evarts provided Ansatz Capital with significant improvements in how we run our business. Among several accomplishments, my partners and I implemented best practices for leading effective meetings, reducing the time spent at meetings and making those meetings more effective; we created a pr...


A principal at Ansatz Capital
Nov 22, 2019

“…provided invaluable ideas, insights, accountability, and motivation…”

“I have begun to create a new business called Partnership to Prosperity. We are creating productive relationships between educators, employers, and learners and this is a unique focus in the workforce development industry. I needed help organizing my ideas and thoughts and create actionable next ste...

Bob Castellucci

Founder & President at Partnership To Prosperity
Jan 15, 2020

“…unparalleled in his skill…”

“Ed is unparalleled in his skill to build relationships quickly and effectively. When I think of the competencies of an effective coach, which include establishing trust with others, listening actively, being intuitive, communicating clearly and effectively, being accountable, and illustrating and h...


Senior Technology Industry Executive and author of the book "Women & Transition”
Apr 27, 2019
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