Client Reviews

“…accessible, high-leverage approach…”

“Since meeting Ed at a team coaching conference, I have been consistently impressed with his accessible, high-leverage approach that can make leadership more meaningful, less mechanical, and result in greater impact.”


Executive coach, organizational development professional

“…challenges me to achieve my goals…”

“I began working with Ed over three years ago and we continue to meet monthly. Ed has helped me work on strategic business situations and coach me with leadership skills and exercises. Also, Ed provided coaching sessions to our sales, account management and senior management employees of our organiz...


President and CEO, Cabot Risk Strategies

“…top notch professional development coach…”

“I chose Ed as my leadership development coach because I thought he would be the most pragmatic in his philosophy and approach. My instincts were good: Ed offered me some of the most practical advice I have ever received, on navigating my professional relationships and helping me identify and work t...


Deputy General Counsel, Bright Horizons Family Solutions

“…insightful, organized, respectful and supportive….”

“I recently had the honor of working with Ed as my professional leadership coach. Ed is insightful, organized, respectful and supportive. He is extremely intuitive and quickly learned my leadership style, helping me polish my strengths and improve upon my weaknesses. Throughout our engagement, Ed co...


Senior​ ​Patient​ ​Experience​ ​Advisor,​ ​Office​ ​of​ ​Patient​ ​Experience,​ ​Massachusetts​ ​General​ ​Hospital

“…an amazing cultivator of leadership…”

“Ed Evarts is an amazing cultivator of leadership and helped propel me to the next level of it. I work in a global pharmaceutical company with its associated complexity of social groups and processes. Ed was my leadership coach for a year. He helped me develop MY PERSONAL BRAND OF LEADERSHIP s...


Senior​ ​Vice​ ​President,​ ​Head​ ​of​ ​Clinical​ ​Development,​ ​Mustang​ ​Bio

“…a better, more effective leader…”

“Ed’s structured approach and use of simple yet powerful diagrams helped me to clarify issues and identify their root causes. Our coaching sessions revealed new insights into my current behaviors and opportunities to practice new behaviors to become a better, more effective leader.”


Senior​ ​Director,​ ​Applications​ ​Development,​ ​Pegasystems

“…caused me to think…”

“I found my work with Ed to be very helpful in making a positive impact on the newest stage of my career. In addition to helping me navigate some in-the-moment business challenges, Ed caused me to think about important areas such as how to be more proactive in leading meetings and how to speak up an...


​Chief​ ​Medical​ ​Officer,​ ​Dyne​ ​Therapeutics

“…a thoughtful process…”

“When I selected Excellius Leadership Development, I made the right choice. Ed Evarts is able to assume several roles throughout a coaching engagement: sounding board, guide, critical friend and genuine partner. He has the capacity to understand a wide variety of data on both a macro- and a mi...


Vice President, Corporate Relations, UMASS Medical Healthcare

“…proactive coaching style…”

“In his leadership role, Ed provided tremendous value to our executive team in the Digital Services business line. He is a quick study and builds effective relationships across executive teams. I benefited personally and professionally in my relationship with Ed through his proactive coaching style...


Manager​ ​Partner,​ ​PSG

“…unparalleled in his skill…”

“Ed is unparalleled in his skill to build relationships quickly and effectively. When I think of the competencies of an effective coach, which include establishing trust with others, listening actively, being intuitive, communicating clearly and effectively, being accountable, and illustrating and h...


Senior Technology Industry Executive and author of the book "Women & Transition”

“…trusted advisor…”

“Ed has been a true partner, counselor and trusted advisor. He has the unique ability to not just listen, but truly ‘hear’ what someone is saying and ‘see’ the big picture from a business perspective. He takes all of that, and translates it in a way that puts it into a clear perspective, with meanin...


Chief​ ​Marketing​ ​Officer,​ ​Vonage

“…passion for excellence…”

“Ed’s passion for excellence coupled with his ability to develop others provides the right combination for success. Ed has worked with teams as well as individuals to drive higher levels of sustainable performance.”


Former President, North America, Iron Mountain Incorporated