Client Reviews

Brendan C. Kane, Owner of Peregrine Property Management

…Ed has been a game changer…

“Ed Evarts has helped us look beyond our walls and has given us a perspective we may not seen otherwise, all of which has helped us evolve and improve as a company. Ed has done it in a way that is not combative, destructive, or critical, but one that allows for open and honest communication between...

Brendan C. Kane

Owner - Peregrine Property Management
Ray Wise

“…everyone walked away with increased self-awareness…”

“Our team recently worked with Ed to help us better understand ourselves and how we interact with each other and our internal customers. Ed facilitated activities that raised awareness of our own personality preferences and how others with different preferences might view things differently or...

Ray Wise

Senior Director, Procurement - US Public Transportation Authority

“…everyone needs a coach…”

“Everyone needs a coach! I’ve had a terrific experience working with Ed in an effort to understand how my colleagues experience me in the workplace. We conducted a really engaging 360-feedback process from where I identified 2-3 areas that, should I do a little bit differently, would hav...

Darren O’Meara

Chief Information Officer, OnProcess Technology
Chris Rezendes

“…fantastic experience working with Ed…”

“I had a fantastic experience working with Ed and I learned a lot of information about myself. My focus was to build my self-awareness of how my colleagues experience me at work and through an in-depth 360-feedback assessment and ongoing 1:1 coaching conversations, I feel I know more about how...

Chris Rezendes

Chief Customer Officer, OnProcess Technology
Jeff Spratt

“…Ed has become an invaluable consultant…”

Ed has become an invaluable consultant and coach since we started working together in 2021. When looking for a leadership coach, my primary goal was to establish myself as the operational leader of our small business. At the time, both my company and I were surviving on hard-work and determination....

Jeffrey Spratt

Principal - Peregrine Property Management

“…helped me drive conversations that needed to be had…”

“As my role and responsibilities at STAG Industrial have been evolving, especially over the last few months, I decided that it would be great to work with a leadership coach to help ensure the leadership skills and behaviors I was already undertaking were known by others, and new leadership skills a...

William Crooker

President, STAG Industrial, Inc.

“…provided invaluable ideas, insights, accountability, and motivation…”

“I have begun to create a new business called Partnership to Prosperity. We are creating productive relationships between educators, employers, and learners and this is a unique focus in the workforce development industry. I needed help organizing my ideas and thoughts and create actionable next ste...

Bob Castellucci

Founder & President at Partnership To Prosperity

“… significant improvements in how we run our business…”

“Ed Evarts provided Ansatz Capital with significant improvements in how we run our business. Among several accomplishments, my partners and I implemented best practices for leading effective meetings, reducing the time spent at meetings and making those meetings more effective; we created a pr...


A principal at Ansatz Capital

“…focused on helping me raise the visibility of my sales successes…”

“Working with Ed was fantastic! At the start of our coaching engagement, we began “Project Stephanie,” focused on helping me raise the visibility of my sales successes and build a personal board of directors who can help me make better decisions on my career. I truly love my work, my clients a...


Vice​ ​President,​ ​Global​ ​Enterprise​ ​Accounts,​ ​Bright​ ​Horizons

“… level-headed, practical, empathetic, easy to get along with, experienced, and insightful…”

“Everyone can benefit from Ed’s leadership coaching. As I continued to grow into a senior-level role, Ed helped me define my leadership style and goals and provided concrete steps to get there. He was an exceptional listener—listening to understand. He responded with probing questions that cut to th...


Vice​ ​President​ ​of​ ​Development,​ ​Girls​ ​Inc.​ ​of​ ​New​ ​York​ ​City

“…thoughtful, consistent & practical leadership skills…”

“I first met Ed through a leadership program I was enrolled in and quickly learned that my career direction had been changed forever. Ed provided me very thoughtful, consistent & practical leadership skills ideas to move an otherwise stagnate federal career forward. Ed provided me monthly exerc...


Senior Program Analyst at US Department of Labor/Women’s Bureau

“…a samurai executive coach…”

“Ed is a samurai executive coach who helped our team at Girl Be Heard reach higher levels of performance and success by transforming what seemed like insurmountable challenges into bit size nuggets we could digest. His coaching brought clarity, a depth of humanity, and a level of trust and understan...


Chief Executive Officer/Founding Executive Director