Visibility & Value

Raise Your Visibility and Value

See a Business Value Identification Example (PDF).

Keynote & Speaking – Available in 60 and 90 minute sessions.

Learning Programs – Available in 2, 4, and 6 hour sessions.

Your fast-paced corporate culture can disconnect employees from your organization’s mission, goals, and strategies. When your employees lose their connection to your organization, engagement plummets, turnover skyrockets, and your organization’s ability to achieve its strategic plans is at risk.

As time passes, your employees’ relevance to your organization’s mission, goals, and strategies diminish. Before they can lift their heads up from their desks, your employees have become invisible and irrelevant.

Visible and valuable employees:

  • navigate your organization effectively
    increasing their productivity and impact
  • build relationships that matter
    collaborating with colleagues to solve problems and manage change
  • facilitate progress more easily
    helping your organization achieve its mission, goals, and strategies

Increase engagement, improve productivity, and align employees with organization goals.

Learn more about the Raise Your Visibility Indicator (PDF).

A self-paced online assessment which simplifies organization and industry visibility by providing your employees insight into areas where visibility comes to life.

In a full-color PDF report, your employees will benchmark their visibility in critical areas such as interaction, participation, and reputation. Additionally, your employees will instantly receive actionable suggestions on how to improve their visibility in areas that warrant their attention.

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